Standard System Options


V-Series System Options

• Pax Programmable Controller
• Lubricant Purge Switch
• Magnetic Base Limit Switch with Cord
• Pax Spray Cabinets

Additional Options for Systems with Reservoirs

• Reservoir Strainer**
• Air Agitation(for Water Soluble Lubricants)
• Low Level Float
• Air Shut Off Valve (Safety Lockout)
• Automatic Refill Option

Additional Options for Tankless Systems

• Diaphragm Supply Pump
• Tankless Filter Assembly
• Barrel Mount Diaphragm Supply Pump and Low Level Float


Pax Touch Screen Interface Provides the user the ability to:

• Program each spray line independently or in groups.
• Purge all spray lines at one time regardless of settings.
• Capable of saving specific job set-ups.

Lubricant Purge Switch

This push button switch utilizes separate circuitry to activate all of the systems solenoids at one time to allow the user to simultaneously spray and prime all of the systems spray lines. This is in addition to the standard circuitry that allows each solenoid valve can be independently controlled. Note; this type of purge functionality is included in the Pax programmable controller option.