Spray Cabinets

The Pax Spray Cabinet is an ideal solution for lubricating stock prior to entering the die area. It is designed with adjustable, built-in spray nozzles, and provides a method of Containing, Collecting, and Recycling lubricant. The Pax cabinet is designed and durably constructed to survive in the rough metal stamping environment.

Features and Benefits:

• Self Contained, Non-Contact Method
• Promotes Cleanliness & Safety
• Specially Designed for Each Application
• Used With Straight-Side and Gap Frame Presses
• Accommodates Different Stock Widths
• Used With New and Existing Pax Lube Systems
• No Consumable Components Such as Rollers
• Reduces Maintenance Costs
• Reduces Lubricant Consumption Through Recycling
• Typically Designed To Mount To Feed — Adjusts With Feed For Pass Line Changes


• Adjustable Stock Guide
• Upper and Lower Stock Tables
• Air Assist Spray Nozzles
• Removable Mounting Brackets
• Enclosed Design With Removable
Access Panels
• Complete Cabinet Customization