Spray Assemblies


Magnetic Base Spray Assembly

Magnetic base provides flexibility for positioning the assembly as required and the rigid clamping and spraying assembly assures that the unit remains where it is positioned. The assembly includes a 250 lb. pull magnet with steel post, clamp assembly, stainless steel tube, female nozzle assembly with choice of spray tip, quick connect male plug and 8′ of ¼” tubing.

Flextube Magnetic Base Spray Assembly

The flextube assembly provide ultimate flexibility for positioning of the spray nozzle, however it can also be more easily moved out of position than either the magnetic base assembly or the bracket mount assembly. One Flextube assembly includes a 250 lb. magnet w/ bracket and release lever, flextube segments, 8′ of ¼” tubing, tubing nozzle assembly and male plug.

Pax Bracket Mount Spray Assemblies

Pax bracket assemblies are the ideal way of permanently mounting spray assemblies. The spray angle can be adjusted by simply rotating either the nozzle and/or the bracket and the vertical height of the nozzle can be adjusted by moving the nozzle within the bracket slot. Once the position of the assembly is finalized, it is locked in place by tightening the bracket screws.

Pax Standard Bracket Mount Spray Assembly

Includes stainless steel bracket, spray nozzle, choice of spray tip, tip retainer, check valve, 1/8″ male elbow, mounting screw and stainless steel washer. (Requires ¼-20 tapped hole for mounting).

Pax Multi-Nozzle Bracket Mount Spray Assembly

Includes stainless steel bracket, a mounting screw, a stainless steel washer and two of each of the following: spray nozzle, choice of spray tip retainer, check valve, and 1/8″ male elbow. (Requires ¼-20 tapped hole for mounting).

Overview of Spray Lines Types

Soft, plastic spray lines have the advantage of being highly bendable without kinking but, more rigid spray lines expand less under pressure and therefore provide a better spray pattern (especially for thicker lubrication). Pax offers three types of spray lines:

Soft (Polyethylene) Tubing that can be used with the Pax Pre-Pressurized unit for lower viscosity lubricants.
Hard (Nylon) tubing that can be utilized on all Pax spray systems.
Steel Tubing, which provides the best spray results for thicker lubricants.

Standard Spray Line Assemblies

This 8′ long, ¼” spray line has a quick connect male plug on one end, (to connect to the Pax distribution pumps), and a spray nozzle (including nozzle body, check valve, tip retainer, and choice of spray tip) on the other end. The customer is responsible for determining mounting arrangement.