Standard System Options


Pre-Pressurized System Options

Magnetic Base Limit Switch with Cord
• Power Cord with Plug
• Digital Counter (for Intermittent Sprays)*
• Digital Timer (for Multiple Sprays)*
• Multi-Spray Control
• Pax Spray Cabinet and Spray Assemblies
* These options cannot be provided in combination on Models 2-2 and 2T.

Additional Options for Systems with Reservoirs

• Reservoir Strainer**
• Air Agitation(for Water Soluble Lubricants)
• Low Level Float (Includes Lamp Indicator & Relay)
• Air Shut Off Valve (Safety Lockout)
• Automatic Refill Option (Includes Float Switches and Refill Solenoid Valve)**
** Not available on Model 2-2.

Additional Options for Tankless Systems

• Single Diaphragm Supply Pump & Filter (6T, 6-6T)
• Double Diaphragm Supply Pump & Filter (10T, 14T)
• Low Level Float for Supply Pump & Filter (6T, 10T 14T, 6-6T)
• Barrel Mount Diaphragm Supply Pump, Mini Filter, and Low Level Float