Spray Nozzles

High Pressure Spray Nozzle Assembly

This nozzle assembly provides an “airless” spray for a broad range of lubricants and it is available in different configurations as listed below. Each assembly is comprised of a nozzle body, a check valve, a spray tip, and a tip retainer. Please note that this nozzle is for the Pax Pre-Pressurized system and not for the V-Series systems or original Pax spray systems, which both utilize different nozzle assemblies.

Standard and High Pressure Piston Nozzles

The piston nozzle was designed to reduce the potential for dripping and, for many fluids; it also provides a finer spray pattern than the high pressure spray nozzle described above. In place of the check valve that is in the high pressure nozzle, the piston nozzle has a spring actuated piston built into the nozzle body.

Air Assist Nozzles

Unlike Pax’s other nozzles, these nozzles mix air with the lubricant, which creates a lighter, mist type spray. To reduce the amount of lubricant that will get into the plant’s air surrounding the press, Pax recommends that these type of nozzles are utilized inside of Pax spray cabinets.