Rebuild / Retrofit System

Repairing PP Unit

Original Style Unit touched up

Rebuilding Distribution Pumps

If the distribution pumps on your Pre-Pressurized Pax system need to be rebuilt, you can purchase rebuild parts from Pax or you can send the pumps to Pax for rebuilding. As a part of the distribution pump rebuild, Pax will measure the cylinder walls to determine if they are within specifications. If the pumps can be rebuilt, Pax will clean, hone, and burnish the cylinders and install rebuilt kits and other parts as required.

Repairing Pre-Pressurized Pax Systems

Pax systems can typically be repaired in the field with minimal issues. However, if you prefer to have Pax review and repair your system, simply ship the system back to the people who originally built it.

Retrofitting New Technology Into Older Systems

Pax stopped building the Self-Priming lubrication systems in 1994, but if you have one of these Original Systems, you can have it upgraded to a Pre-Pressurized system for a fraction of the cost of a new system.

The Pre-Pressurized Pax lubrication system can dramatically change the performance of your original system:

  • Lubricant is supplied to the manifold under pressure.
  • System does not lose prime.
  • No priming of distribution pumps required.
  • Wider range of viscosities can be sprayed.

Simply ship your existing 5, 10, or 15 gallon systems to Pax Products to have it retrofitted.