Airless Spray Systems

Pre-Pressurized System

  • Can Spray Larger Range of Lubricants
  • May Provide Finer Spray Pattern
  • Can spray as little as .002 oz / spray


V-Series System

  • Programmable System
  • Each spray line individually controlled
  • Parameters stored by job #


All Standard Pax Spray Systems are designed with the following Features:

  • “Airless” Spray Provides better adhesion to the material and less less airborne lube than sprays that mix air the lubricant to better adhere to stock material
  • Ability to apply lubricant to the stock and to the tool.
  • No Priming Issues
  • Systems arranged to promote lubrication recycling.
  • Dual lubrication, Tankless, Central, and Customized configurations available.