Adjustable Stands

13A Adjustable stand 113B Adjustable Stand 2Adjustable Support Stand with Pivoting Top Plate
A plate bolted to the top of the stand has 2 toe clamps that can be attach to the flanged edge of the conveyor to clamp the conveyor to the stand. By loosening the bolts that attach this top plate to the stand, the plate can be pivoted in order to hold the conveyor at an angle.The height of the stand is adjustable and the stand can be supplied in various sizes. Standard height ranges (height from floor to the top of the conveyor belt) for stands without wheels are:

  • 16” to 24”
  • 24” to 36”
  • 36” to 54”
  • 46” to 66’

Custom height ranges, and alternative configurations and designs (such as wheels) can also be provided.

Stand is painted black.