Pax Conveyors were each developed to provide the user with a specific advantage:

Low Profile Conveyor


The Pax Low Profile Conveyor was developed for on-bolster, under-die part and scrap removal. Its low, 3/8” tray to belt height allow it to fit where other conveyors can’t and its ability to withstand lubrication allows it to survive in the harsh metal stamping environment.

Oscillating Conveyor


The Pax EGD & EGDF  Oscillating Conveyors (shaker type) were developed to perform part and scrap removal at conveying speeds up to 25 fpm.

Drum Motor Conveyor


Pax Drum Motor Conveyors utilize a sealed, motorized pulley that is ideal for dirty environments. These extremely rugged conveyors can be customized as required to automate the part and scrap removal process.

Bottom & Center Driven Conveyors


These Pax Conveyors can be configured and customized to meet many different applications. One common configuration is to position a center driven conveyor between two part bins and configured it convey parts to one bin until the bin is full and then have the conveyor reverse to deposit parts into the empty bin.