Ancillary Equipment

Pax Products continues to develop and market a wide range of products designed specifically to enhance productivity in a metal stamping environment. These products are born and tested at Pax Machine Works, a stamping facility recognized worldwide for its innovative manufacturing technologies.

Feed Progression Sensor

The Pax “paddle” style feed progression sensors allow a larger area of the sensor to make contact with the material. Included is the paddle, choice of a 4″, 6″, 8″ or 10″ stem and a clamp assembly.

Part Basket Deflector

The Pax Part Basket Deflector is ideal for reducing the chance of part on part damage. Included with the deflector is a hanger.

Filter/Exhaust System

The Pax Filter/Exhaust system is designed to evacuate steam and “mist” created in the die space due to heat and water soluble lubricants. The system is specially designed to adapt to the press and must be used in coordination with die door safety barriers.

Die Wash Tank

Each Pax Die Wash Tank is specifically designed for manual washing of dies. This die cleaning method requires the use of an overhead hoist system.