The patented Pax EGD conveyor is an electrically driven, oscillating type conveyor that utilizes a motorized, elliptical gear drive (EGD). Utilizing elliptical gears in a sealed oil bath provides an extremely reliable drive and a high conveying speed at lower RPMs.

Key features of this conveyor include:

  • No Air Consumptions
  • Quick Snap-On Tray Design
  • No Springs or dynamic seals

The EGD conveyor is currently available in three sizes, which are rated based on the total tray weight (this does not include the weight of the parts and scrap on the trays).

EGD-50: can hold up to 50 lbs of tray weight PLUS parts

EGD-125: can hold up to 125 lbs of tray weight PLUS parts

EGD-250: can hold up to 250 lbs of tray weight PLUS parts

EGDF Floor Mount Conveyor up to 500 lbs of parts and scrap

16-EGD-50 17-EGD-125