Low Profile

The patented Pax Low Profile Conveyor is specifically designed for on-bolster, under-die part and scrap removal. The “low-profile” design enables it to fit where many conveyors will not. Designed by our own tool & die craftsmen, the conveyors are built to survive the rough metal stamping environment.

The standard drive arrangement is designed for the motor end of the conveyor to set on the bolster, inside the bed area of the press. This eliminates the need for extra guarding and does not interfere with existing guarding. Other drive arrangements such as an inverted drive (motor is below the belt), extended top drive (motor is above the belt and parts pass below the motor), and right angled drives are available as options

The standard tension end is only 2.5” high and is designed to hang over the end of the bolster. An optional flush mount tension end is available for applications where the tension end must lay flat on the bolster.